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Seogwipo 서귀표 : Seogwipo Art Center 

Finally got to see a live performance in Jeju! It is at a small theatre but better than nothing.  Plus, it is entirely free! The seogwipo art center opened its door around 2014.   It usually has performances every Saturday and Wednesday.  You can check the schedule at their offcial website. It is located at… Continue reading Seogwipo 서귀표 : Seogwipo Art Center 

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Namwon 남원 : 호꼼 Cafe

Only a few days left before departing in Jeju, I was a bit tired so I just wanted to hang out at a cafe by the sea. I didn't have a cafe in mind and just took a bus to Namwon, a nearby costal town with not a lot of tourists. I took bus 110… Continue reading Namwon 남원 : 호꼼 Cafe

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Seogwipo 서귀포 : 제주 꽃자리 Cafe & Flowers

Close to Jeongbang Waterfall is a cafe perched high up on a hill called Cafe and Flowers. Actually, the outside of the store is quite nice too but I was a little late in taking the photo.  You will have to walk about two stories before reaching the front door and there are two parking… Continue reading Seogwipo 서귀포 : 제주 꽃자리 Cafe & Flowers

Cafe 카페, Seogwipo 서귀포

Seogwipo 서귀포 : Cafe Droptop 드롭탑

Cafe Droptop is a franchaise cafe shop. You can see it in almost every large city or town in Korea. Near Jeongbang Waterfalls and the Olle 5 coastal waters, this is about the only cafe you can find. It doesn't have a coastal view but it does feature the art works of Lee Walart 이왈종,… Continue reading Seogwipo 서귀포 : Cafe Droptop 드롭탑

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Seogwipo 서귀포 : Seobok Exhibition Hall 서복전시관 

The hall is right next to Jeongbang Waterfalls and I almost came here instead of going to the waterfall. On this day, I had a little time before dinner, so I headed over there. The exhibition is made as a goodwill between China and Jeju.  Afterall, the name Seogwipo is suspected to come from a… Continue reading Seogwipo 서귀포 : Seobok Exhibition Hall 서복전시관 

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Jochon : Saryeoni Forest Path 사려니 숲길

The forest is said to be one of the prettiest road in the entire Korea! Last entry to the area is 300 pm during winter so it was a mad rush to get there. It isn't too far from Seogwipo (35 minutes on bus 782 and get off at Gyorae Entrance).  Visitors can either transfer… Continue reading Jochon : Saryeoni Forest Path 사려니 숲길

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Seogwipo 서귀포 : Lee Joong Seop Gallery (이중섭 미술관) & Art Street

Due to the incident from the previous day, I didn't want to do anything.  Therefore, I just went to the nearby art street to chill out. On the Lee Joong Seop street (이중섭) is his museum of the same name Lee Joong Seop Gallery (이중섭 미술관).  He was a celebrated oil painter who lived in Seogwipo during… Continue reading Seogwipo 서귀포 : Lee Joong Seop Gallery (이중섭 미술관) & Art Street