Attractions, Beach 해변, Cafe 카페, Hallim 한림

Hallim 할림: Hyeopjae Beach (협재해변)

The west side of Jeju is very pretty and there's not a lot of tourists that comes here. Most of the tourists go to the east side due to tv reality shows and perhaps better marketing. From Seogwipo, I took a local bus to the World Cup Stadium and switched to 702 bus to the… Continue reading Hallim 할림: Hyeopjae Beach (협재해변)

Beach 해변, Gujwa 구좌, Jeju CIty 제주

Gujwa 구좌 : Sehwa Beach 세화해수욕장

The beach isn't even on my map! However my friend's friend recommended it so here we are! It is very close to the Haenyo Museum but the museum was already closed when we got there. Instead, we just walked around the beach. It was small but quite nice ... Like most beaches, it consists of… Continue reading Gujwa 구좌 : Sehwa Beach 세화해수욕장

Attractions, Beach 해변, Udo 우도

Udo 우도 : Hagosudong Beach 하고수동 해수욕, and the Hongjodangoehabin Beach 

The third stop in Udo is the Hagosudong Beach!  It is a nice sandy beach with statues of Haenyo (female divers) along the side.  It was very pretty and I am sure it is great during summer but it was a little cold this time.  There are also many cafe shops nearby. Here's another picture… Continue reading Udo 우도 : Hagosudong Beach 하고수동 해수욕, and the Hongjodangoehabin Beach 

Attractions, Beach 해변, Pyoseon 표선

Pyoseon 표선 : Haevich Beach (해비치해변) and C&I Cafe

The beach here is 150,000 m² big and is home to the White Sand Festival in August.  I think it is an awesome place to be during summer ... But not today .. not during spring maybe. The wind was so strong here that it picked up the sand and threw it against the shore… Continue reading Pyoseon 표선 : Haevich Beach (해비치해변) and C&I Cafe