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Daepyeong 대평 : Gonilda 커닐다 Cafe 

After watching the sunset, I went back to find that pizza shop I was looking for in the beginning.   It turns out it was just next to the bus terminal ..  I came here after reading a blog review and it seems pretty interesting.   The place was slightly different from the photos so… Continue reading Daepyeong 대평 : Gonilda 커닐다 Cafe 

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Daepyeong 대평 : Olle 9 – Weollabong Peak 

I came to Daepyeong for pizza and tea but ended up walking partly through an Olle trail in hopes of some nice photos. Transportation: I took bus 120 to the terminal station. The olle begins at the gorgeous Daepyeong Port.  It has lots of guesthouses, coffee shop and in general, an artsy kinda neighbourhood. The… Continue reading Daepyeong 대평 : Olle 9 – Weollabong Peak