Andeok 안덕, Jeju CIty 제주

Jeju 제주 : Jeju Airport 제주 공항 to Gimhae 김해

I woke up early to brush up and run out the doors into the darkness.

It was only 545 am but I had to take an airport limousine to the airport.  It costs 5500 won but it was a full bus!

I got the airport with a lot of time though 🙂

The plane from Jeju to Busan was only a little over one hour.  The price was doubled from the ticket going to Jeju but it was the best I can do on a Saturday 😦 Korean Air! 

After getting to Gimhae, I had to take another bus to Busan … A 6000 airport limousine.

On the way, I realized the city of Busan is fully bloomed with Cherry blossoms!!!

Coming into the hostel … I started working immediately :). As usual, I went to a cafe after:)

There hostel is located close to busan station in Chorang!

It has a view of the mountains.

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