food, Restaurants, Seogwipo 서귀포

Seogwipo 서귀포 : Coffee, Work, Lunch, Dessert – Life as a guesthouse helper.

Last two days in Jeju!

For breakfast, I went to a coffee shop and had a cafe latte at Little Brown.  My manager at the guesthouse said it is very good.  

The service was nice but I thought the latte was too watery … I drank it at my favorite chill spot in Seogwipo.

… Then came work.  Meet T2, my trusted vacuum!  It follows me around (or rather I drag it around :). I didn’t know it but it would be our last time together! 

After work, the manager and I ate at a sushi restaurant just south of Lee Joong Soep Road.  

She ordered sushi and I had a bowl of sashimi don.

The salmon was quite good… Only one piece was difficult to chew but the rest was delicious.  The owners even treated us to coffee before needing to kick us out for siesta.  My dish was 12 000 and the other was 20 000 won.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent eating ice shavings 🙂

… Then I went to Jeju 🙂


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