Attractions, Jeju CIty 제주

Jeju City 제주시 : Chilsungro shop street 칠성로 상점가 – Cherry Blossoms @ 전농로 –  Jeju Underground shopping 중앙지하상가

I wanted to see the cherry blossoms before I leave Jeju but the festival starts on March 31, my last day in Jeju 😦

Chilsungro Shopping

It also happens that there are no cherry blossoms south of Hallasan … Maybe they didn’t grow any or it is too hot but I have to go to Jeju or Aewol to see it.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time in Seogwipo just chillings so when I got here, it was already night.  It also didn’t help I spent so much time at Chilsungro Shopping District …

As you can see, there wasn’t much I could see…

On the bright side … It is very close to the Jungang Shopping District.

However, it was over 8 pm and some of the stores were closed.

It was also not as big as I thought… 
Anyway, I took the bus back … 1.5 hour’s later, I was back on Seogwipo.

I had BBQ duck for midnight snack 😉
March 30.

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