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Namwon 남원 : 호꼼 Cafe

Only a few days left before departing in Jeju, I was a bit tired so I just wanted to hang out at a cafe by the sea.

I didn’t have a cafe in mind and just took a bus to Namwon, a nearby costal town with not a lot of tourists.

I took bus 110 and just got off close to the sea and proceeded to wall around the coast.

It is part of the Olle trail 5!

… Then I found what I was looking for … A cafe by the sea! 

I think it is a resting pavilion that’s been converted to a coffee shop.  

It’s quite nice inside.  It is small and you’re literally next to the coast.

The price was decent, a smoothie was only 5000 won! 

I sat here and uploaded photos.  There were a few ladies on the coast picking up shells.  From afar, you can even see people windsurfing.

There wasn’t any other visitors while I was there, but it was certainly nice and calming.

I thought the decorations were quite nice too … It was fairly warm, so I sat outside.

Since I had a little time after, I walked a bit of the Olle trail too.

It was very rocky and the path wasn’t very nice to walk on…

We were close to the coast though.

… Then got to see the sunset!  I took the bus back to catch a play 🙂

March 29.

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