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Jochon : Saryeoni Forest Path 사려니 숲길

The forest is said to be one of the prettiest road in the entire Korea!

Saraeyoni Forest

Last entry to the area is 300 pm during winter so it was a mad rush to get there.

It isn’t too far from Seogwipo (35 minutes on bus 782 and get off at Gyorae Entrance).  Visitors can either transfer to another bus (but that’s a 30 minutes wait for a five minute ride) for one stop or walk 16 minutes to the entrance.

Saryeoni Forest

By walking, there are two ways: walk with the cars on the side of the road or through the forest.

The path towards the real path

The walk through the forest looks a little like the picture above … It is very quiet and a little scary, especially when you’re walking on a rainy gloomy day.

Walking with traffic have its own dangers but you’re also surrounded by tall beautiful trees.
Walking on the road

Flash forward to the arrival at the entrance.  There is a gate but admission is free. 

For those who just want to experience just a bit of the walk … From the entrance to a wooden bridge garden at around the 20 minutes mark is a very good sample of the walk.

The entire path is about 10kms long and takes about 3 hours or less.

The path is a litttle boring but I have my own bias (cause I’m from Vancouver and our coastal rainforests are amazing). 

It gets a little interesting after 45 minutes.

Along the paths are also two Oreum but the first one is closed but will be opened again later in 2017.

I only walked the first 5km before turning back.  

It is good excerise and the paths are very easy to walk 🙂 

On the way back, you can see a different view so it’s still good.  It also stopped raining!

I walked back to the bus station to take 782.  I walked with the cars this time.  It’s so pretty! Like these trees!  They are neon with mosses.

… And so tall….

All along the road.  This is road 1112… Famous in its own rights.

While waiting for the bus, I was approached by a deer!!!! However my phone camera had such a poor reaction time, I lost it 😦 …. Can you see the butt though?

.. then I went back home and had a burger.

March 24

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