Attractions, Seogwipo 서귀포

Seogwipo 서귀포 : Lee Joong Seop Gallery (이중섭 미술관) & Art Street

Due to the incident from the previous day, I didn’t want to do anything.  Therefore, I just went to the nearby art street to chill out.


On the Lee Joong Seop street (이중섭) is his museum of the same name Lee Joong Seop Gallery (이중섭 미술관).  He was a celebrated oil painter who lived in Seogwipo during  parts of the Korean War.


During the war times, his life was difficult and his wife and kids departed back for Japan for safer grounds.  He died in poverty.  His house is still there, next to the museum.

Many of his artworks are on display in the museum, and I was quite impressed with the line drawings he made with the awls on cigarette foils.  He also has a lot of artwork about his family, which he appeared to have missed a lot.
I didn’t take any photos but his artworks can be found in a lot of places in Jeju, such as street arts and coffee stores.

There are three floors – the first floor is his artwork, the second floor is a photo biography of him and his family and the highest floor is an observatory.


Admission is 1000 won.  Worth the go 🙂


Next to the museum is also the Lee Jeong Seop street, where they sell lots of souvenirs.

This is my favorite store! The prices are reasonable and it items changes all the time.

During the weekend, there is also a flea market!!!! It isn’t that big but they have some interesting stuff.

There are also many cafes nearby.  I only went to one called yoo duo.  

It is famous for the face in there coffee!

Thats the art street from Seogwipo.


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