Attractions, Pyoseon 표선

Pyeoseon 편선 : Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을)

In Jeju, there are two traditional folk villages, the Jeju folk village and the Seongeup Folk village.

Both are located in Pyeoseon but only the latter one is an authentic village with a history of more than 300 years.

Seongeup use to be a government post with offcials from the Josepn Dynasty setting up post here.

However, Japanese pirateerings and heavy wind along with its remoteness resulted in its relocation of the government post.  In the end, the village lots its importance.

Nevertheless, these days the village is getting a revival.  Mind you, this is still a village where people still go about tending their farms and of their lives.

Some people said it was very boring becauae they just walk around the twisted roads.

However, do take notice of the lava rocks walls and fences as well as the straw thatched roofs!  

The richer ones even have stalls for their horses.

The windying roads are also purposely done to slow the wind down!

The village is fortified with their own gates too!

That was the ens of the trip.  I took bus 701 and then transfer 730 to get off at Seongeup Ri 1.

Addy : Pyoseon-myeon, Seongeupjeonguihyeon-ro, 19

There are lot of restaurants just across from the village if you’re feeling hungry.  I just went back to Pyoseon 🙂 


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