Aewol 애월, Attractions, Cafe 카페

Aewol 애월 : Cafe & Guesthouse Bomnal 카페 & 게스트하우스 봄날

We finally made it to the beach of Aewol! My friend was set on going to G Dragon’s cafe but it was too full and a little bit expensive.  The inside reminded me of those nice bars back home… But I want to enjoy the views of Handam Beach…

So, we went next door to Bonmal cafe, which is the filming location to 맨도롱 또똣 Maendorong Ttottot.  

You cant go in unless you order something.  Once you do order something, they let you in to take photos but if you want to sit inside, you need to leave a name with them and wait to get called.

We walked around and took some photos 🙂

Played with the four corgis on premise.. it doesn’t like me 😦

chilled outside a bit… 

Finally, our drinks were called.  The cups are so cute!

We went inside as well 🙂  The cafe also has a guesthouse and the website say there is all you can drink beer for 10 000 won!

Service was ok … There were a lot of of people … My postcard photo!

We did go to G Dragon’s coffee shop to take photos of the outside :

I think they said it was an old worn doen building and the cafe kept some of its feel.

…. And here are some of the pictures from the beach!

Apparently, the walk from Aewol to Yongduam is very nice.

March 19.


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