Aewol 애월

Aewol 애월 : 곽지박사장앤김사장네 Dr. Kwak Ji and Dr. Kim 

Sorry, I translated the name and this was what I came up with lol!!!

My friend was driving from Aewol to Daejeong to try a restaurant but we got slightly lost and then she spotted this restaurant!

This restaurant was famous before because there were lots of television show that came here especially a certain celebrity.
It is most famous for their fresh seafood. We ordered a fried mackerel!

We ordered a seafood with a few large piece of octopus, prawn, mussels, and clams… With ramen 🙂 (see picture above) .

Everything tastes really fresh … It was great!

The owner also gave me a small bottle of soju because I was a foreigner and she said I ought to try it.  
Addy: Jeju-do, Cheju, Aewol-eup, 곽지리 2068

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