Attractions, Jeju CIty 제주

Jeju City 제주 : Yongduam Rock (용두암)

So… The postcard from this place looks great! Therefore, I really wanted to come here.  

So on the way to Aewol, I made my friend do a detour … Even though she came here before. 

Here’s the coast.  Yongduam means dragon head, can you spot which one?

It’s the big one that looks like a tree trunk!

This one is just a random rock but it looks like a howling dog 🙂

Legend has it, the dragon who  stole a Jade from Mount Halla  was promptly shot down by a mountain deity but before the head sank to the waters, it froze.

… And that’s it…..

Addy : 15 Yongduam-gil, Yongdam 2(i)-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do


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