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Jeju City 제주 : Bukchon Dol Hareubang Park 북촌 돌하르방공원

On my third day off, I took bus 782 from Seogwipo all the way to Jeju and then transfering to bus 701 and walked almost 15 minutes to get to thid  Hareubang park.

In my mind, it would be like a forest with many Dol Hareubangs in a mythic feel but it wasn’t… but still cool.

On my way there , I passed by a farm … An older man still hard at work on a Sunday

Admission is listed as 7000 won per person on other websites but I think paid 4000 won … Not to bad.  Entrance looks a little like this 🙂

The Hareubangs are symbols on Jeju Island.  It does everything from protecting, gate keepering and even fertility (many its the shape?).  

Since he is a grandpa, you can hug him too! 

Meet the biggest Hareubang!  It is the biggest if you consider the body, which is underneath the dirt…

Here are three friends… Just chilling. Plus, I finally got to know what these bell things are for!!! 

There is a sign next to it… It is built to keep out misfortune :). They are called Bangsatap and they are thought to keep disasters and even diseases out of the town. They have similar meaning as the Hareubang.

I mentioned that the Hareubang also gives fertility.  It is said that you take some power from the nose and mix it with water to get pregnant.  On the other hand, if you don’t want your baby, you eat the broken nose powder. (Or vice versa .. or something to that extent). Therefore, the statue almost never has a nose 🙂

It can also be a welcomer of tourists … Or a road sign…

… Or a gatekeeper! Look at that fierce look! … 

… Or an actual fence.

It comes bearing gifts!

Friendly gardeners.

If you see a lot of smaller versions of Hareubangs with a young child’s face, those are Dongjaseok!  They are the spirit’s friends and they help guard graves by preventing cattles from pushing through and grazing the grave.

Suddenly they are part of the garden ….

There is also a peace park! Everyone lives with the Hareubang in peace and harmony regardless of religion, race, or species 🙂  Due to geography, Jeju had been a battlefield, whether literally or as a navel base (currently still is!), So peace is important to them (as per their introduction).

It is a hole!  If you put your face towards that, it will feel like a natural air conditioner.

New take to putting your face in the picture board.

It can also be a declaration of love!

The bottom is made from old soju bottles…

And inside this happy face is: … Gatbawi?! Omo… Didnt expect to see it here in Jeju.

Almost at the end of the park … You can have a drink with one of them too.

I think they sometimes have outdoor concerts too … 

…. And that was the end of my visit!  The entrance and exit also has canned drinks, souvenirs and stamping center!

I was the only guest there at that time … And I had a ball :p

Now, that long road back to civilization…..


70, Bukchonseo 1-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do  제주특별자치도 제주시 조천읍 북촌서1길 70

March 19 2017


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