Cafe 카페, Seogwipo 서귀포

Seogwipo 서귀포 : breakfast coffee and Vetro Coffee 베트로

Since I dont have much time in Seogwipo left, I’m back on the cafe trail to find nice coffee shops. So I’m skipping out on free brekkie at the guesthouse too!

I read in a lot of places that this place called Vetro has really good coffee.  I admit, I’m not good at tasting coffee but at least I know a good cup from a bad one.

For the most part, South Korea doesn’t really tailor to the breakfast coffee much.  It seems workers just go to work and have instant mixes.  They may possibly be the greatest consuners of instant coffee.

Therefore, I’m at awe to even find a coffee shop opened at 9 am (most open at 10 am).

Anyways back to the coffee shop, it is located on the ‘shopping street’of old Seogwipo.  
The place is small so there is a price for take out and eat in.  There use to only be a Korean menu but they have a small English menu for people like me…

I ordered a caramel machiato and the price was super decent.  I wanted to save 200 won so here I am sitting at a ledge , drinking coffee and admiring Seogwipo coast (whike typing up this post).

The coffee is good! It isn’t too sweet … I prefer milk in my coffee so I never order an Americano … oh there’s also some Japaneae chocolate bars on sale at the cafe 🙂


Jeju-do, Seogwipo, Jeongbang-dong, 420-5


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