Attractions, Jeju CIty 제주

Jeju 제주 : Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium (제주별빛누리공원)

Tonight I had to work a bit late so I skipped a few scheduled places and went straight to Starlight World Park and Planetarium.  

It is opened from 2 pm to 10 pm during winter and 3 pm to 11 pm during summer.  However, not a lot of long distance bus runs beyond 10 pm …

It was actually in Jeju city and the ride was almost 40 minutes and up and over Hallasan. 

I got off at Sancheondan station, which also situates the polytechnic school and then walked another 15 minutes to the observatory.  I think they built it in a rather secluded place so they can see the stars easier but there was a hotel that was built next to it recently….

Front entrance

Anyways, back to the planetarium! Admission was 5000 won and there is a 4D ride, a planetarium with projection over the dorm as well as an observatory with telescopes!

Waiting for the 4D to start

I made it just in time for the 4D ride, which was a roller coaster ride that brings you through the cosmos!  I thought it was ok because the 3D glasses and the speed in which images were going past me, made me a little dizzy.  

The crowd made to the second floor for the planetarium experience. 

There was a mini exhibition hall for people to look around before the showing.

There weren’t a lot of seats and the dorm was much smaller than the one in Vancouver!  … Then the movie started and there was no sound or explanation except for the unofficial commentary from a kid behind me.

No pictures avalible from the inside 😦

Yup! There was a problem with the machine and we were asked to go to the observatory first. 

Pitch black at the outdoor observatory

However, there were too many clouds in the sky and we cant see anything… Not even the Sirius 😦

On the bright side, the film got fixed! It was about constellations in the skies. All of it was in Korean but the film was definitely from overseas because I have seen it before lol. 


Hm… That was the end of the planetarium trip.  Right outside is a view of Jeju (or part of Jeju).  

The road back was dark and the bus stop had no lights.  Luckily, by coincide, I meet my previous roommie from Seogwipo! He came with a new friend he met at the Jeju hostel and they insisted on staying with me at the bus stop until they bus came … So nice!!

Addy: <>제주특별자치도 제주시 선돌목동길 60

March 28 2017 


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