Udo 우도

Udo 우도 : Hallasan Fried Rice @ 풍원 Pungwon Restaurant

For lunch at Udo, we searched for the popular Hallasan fried rice.  

First , we ate the BBQ black pork or grilled cuttlefish as normal but then they set aside a portion of the meat and added some rice.

A person will then prepare the fried rice while telling you the creation of Jeju!
The volcano eruption was represented by the cracking of the egg and the egg york falling like lava … Keke

… Then he said something in Korean that I couldn’t quite understand… They speak Chinese and English too but since my friend can speak Korean… It went to default language!

Tada… The masterpiece is created.  There’s even an Udo to boot.
I think to came to 17 000  won per peeson ….

Addy : 2427-1 Yeonoyeong-ri , Udo Myeon, Jeju 

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