Attractions, Olle 올레, Seogwipo 서귀포

Seogwipo 서귀포 : Olle 6 – Sojeongbang Waterfall – KAL Hotel – Sojeonji – Gudumi Port – Bomok Port – Jejigi Oreum – Soesokkak

There are some nice cafes in Soesokkak so I decided to walk there from Jeongbang Waterfall, which meant I can test my hand on Olle 6, which is said to be easy.

Path starts off here

Technically, it is already the middle of the trail so I wouldn’t have completed even of I went to the end. I also went in reverse. (It starts from the oedolgae rock ).

Anyways, I started near the Jeongbang Waterfalls and made my way through the coast and to Songjeongbang Waterfall 소정방폭포… The baby Jeongbang Waterfall.

Next stop was the KAL hotel! They have a very nice lawn that seems to stretch out forever….

I can’t go in but I can see over their fence 🙂

Afterwards, much of the scenary consists of coastal waters and rocks.  There were plenty of washrooms along the way though!

There is also the Gumeunyeo Rest Area that came before the archery center. The archery center was a bit scary because it is out in the open and the path is just next to it.  What if the archer miss?!?!

The second obstacle came after going up the path after the archery center… guard dogs.  There are two of them and they guard a family house.

Just when you think the coast is clear, you come up next to an army base with soldiers in training!!! However, they get to march on the road while you go through this:

Most of the path along the coast will be similar .

Until you reach Sojeonji!  It is inside these forested area but it is a small pond. There is a nice rest area but there was also a cute couple there so I didn’t want to disturb them. This was the closest I got.

There was also a waste treatment plant before that but I didn’t see it.. so they did a good job in hiding it.  

Anyway, the army actually ended up at the same rest stop as me so I walked quickly away!  Hiding in the grass and found a cool picture opportunity! Kidding :p

This was probably Gudumi Port

… And between the ports I decided to hide in the bushes again.

The entire area here is called Bomok, which is likely a fishing villlage. There were some cafes and guesthouses here and there but for the most part, the path was unhinged natural beauty (except for the paved road… And the houses from tims to time).  

The next port was Bomok Port, which was slightly bigger and there was even a bus that comes here (number 5).  I admit, my heart wavered a bit… Should I just get on the bus? The sun is kind of … setting.

No. I’ll continue walking…. Even up these stairs that leads to the unknown.
It turns out these stauts leads up to the Jejigi Oreum! 😗 Love the name, how can I not climb it now?:)

After uncountable amount of stairs that seems to go round and round, I made it to the top!!!! Hi Bomok! Was I just down there?

The mark that represents the peak of Jejigi!  You can’t see it but there is a man laying on his side on a bench and scared me half to death….

The path tells me to get down on the otherside.  The otherside was stairs and narrow paths with bushes, trees and grass on the side.  I really dislike these paths because it makes me think of rats, snakes, and scary ghost stories. Therefore, I started to run!

I made it to the bottom but I slipped on some rocky flat grounds but I got back up and started running again.  There were no scraps on my hand so I assumed my knee was ok. Plus, it hurts when I stop so I just continued to run until I saw this red chair in the middle of nowhere that screamed “instagram me!”.

I continued jogging knowing that I am now closer to Soesokkak.  The coast looked prettier and there were more fishing boats and lighthouses .. and roads.

The end is near!!!… And when I did get to Soesokkak, I finally looked at my wound. It was actually bleeding pretty badly. Psychological, aside from a bit of pain, I felt ok but having saw the wound, I felt more pain! There was a 7-11 nearby and I got wet tissues and Band-Aids that were too small for the wound.

I ended up at a coffee shop anyways just to rest up before my 30 minutes walk to the bus station.
Luckily, no one asked me if I was ok or if I needed any help because I got this down.  Morale of the story : walk don’t run. 

I even got dinner 🙂  However, I couldn’t walk the next day and Hallasan was out of the question.  Work was obligatory though.

March 17


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