Andeok 안덕, Cafe 카페, Daepyeong 대평

Daepyeong 대평 : Gonilda 커닐다 Cafe 

After watching the sunset, I went back to find that pizza shop I was looking for in the beginning.  

It turns out it was just next to the bus terminal .. 
I came here after reading a blog review and it seems pretty interesting.  

The place was slightly different from the photos so I assumed they have done some renovations since then.

There was even a garden!

While waiting, you can also entertain yourself with some books 🙂

I ordered a Margaretta Pizza and since the previous blogger said it was small, I was fairly confident I can finish it but I was wrong! I had to get a little baggie.
It tasted like flatbread and it doesn’t have a lot of cheese but it was still delicious … Even the next day when I dinged it in the microwave!

Here’s their menu!  They also have pasta. 

From Seogwipo, it is just bus 120 to the end.
Addy :870-1 Changcheon-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si


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