Andeok 안덕, Cafe 카페

Daepyeong 대평 : 쓰담뜨담 Cafe

From the Olle 9 trail, I walked backwards to the end of Olle 8, which I didn’t make last time I tried Olle 8. 

From the path, you can see the coast and the cliff from afar.  There’s also not a lot of people on the trail.  Those that were there were so friendly!  They say ‘hi’.

Sitting along the coast was a very cute cafe shop!  I was going to go to Mulgogi Cafe but I decided to try this one since it is situated right at the coast with view of the water and cliff.

The shop had a cute scuba lady picture out front.  There are also some fishing nets.  Maybe it was a remodeled house from a haenyo… Or just decorations.

Actually a little further down is a moble food truck … In the middle of nowhere! 

Anyways, heading inside for some caffeine.

Much of the decorations are handmade and you can buy them if you like it.

The owner’s workspace! 

The best part was the view.  I had a little corner where there was a plug and I can do my blog 🙂

Oh right my caffe latte.  I thinl the cup is painted by the owner! Maybe.

… Then I went outside and watch the sunset. Tip: always bring your sunglass becauae you never know when you see a gorgeous sunset, especially in Jeju 🙂

Addy : 49-50 Nandeureu-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do

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