Attractions, Seongsan 성산, Udo 우도

Udo 우도 : Biyangdo 비양도

Not to be confused by the bigger Biyangdo on the west side of Udo, this place is attached to Udo!  Welcome to the island off an island (udo) off an island.

It has a bridge that connects the island to Udo.  There are some coffee shops, guesthouses, cactus, and some camp sites 🙂

That is the bridge that connects the island.  It isn’t that far away 🙂

Weeee …. So close to the waters… You can actually walk across it if you don’t mind getting your feet wet.

This is a sunrise stone! 

Grassy lands and water!  

…. As well as a mini beacon used to warn people of enemt sightings!

Some restaurant was cooking this….nomnom

Onto the third stop on the bus!


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