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Seogwipo 서귀포 : Healthy Country Jimjibang 건강나라찜질방

Today, my plan was to go to the hot spring at Sanbangsan.  However, the manager at the hostel said there is a Jimjibang nearby that is just as good. 

Therefore, after my afternoon tea, I made my way to the jimjibang. A new girl checked-in in the mean time,so I dragger her along 🙂 

It was about 20 minutes walk from the guesthouse, and it is super local.  It was a far cry from the Gyeongju one I went to and wasn’t even close to the Shinsege one I went in Busan.  However, it is very local ….
For 10 000 won, we can stay over.  The girl asked me if anyone just pays 10 000 won and stay forever since they have shower and food here … Hm, I am not sure …

Female sleeping room

Anyways, the ladies and gentlemen saunas are separated by levels.  There is a public showering area as well as a sauna.  Sauna is not the same as a hot spring I think.

There were two large hot tubs, a large cold tub, and two massage tubs.  There were also a wet and dry sauna.  Some lady brought a whole bucket of water inside the dry sauna so it felt like wet sauna….

Common room

Bathing toiletries need to be brought by oneself.

After experiencing skin osmosis (usually a good indication the water isn’t the greatest), I put on my orange outfit and went to the Jimjibang.

There were so few people there!  We had eggs (3 for 2000 won) and ice cream (2 scoops for 3000 won).

My travelmate said it looks like prison uniforms

There was a small common area, but there was a manga room and a smoking room.  Men and women have their own sleeping rooms.

Manga room

There is also an option for these cave like capsule rooms.

There are three ‘saunas’, the lowest being 55 degrees and the highest at 68 . One of them was a salt room!

Three hours later, we were getting hungry, so we left for dinner!  After being indecisive for an hour, we settled on blood sausage rice soup at a random restaurant.

It was an ok experience, I think I needed that rest.

Addy: 제주 서귀포시 홍중로 74


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