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Daepyeong 대평 : Olle 9 – Weollabong Peak 

I came to Daepyeong for pizza and tea but ended up walking partly through an Olle trail in hopes of some nice photos.

Transportation: I took bus 120 to the terminal station.

The olle begins at the gorgeous Daepyeong Port.  It has lots of guesthouses, coffee shop and in general, an artsy kinda neighbourhood.

The path starts off with a washroom because I didnt see any along the way.
The path celebrated the friendship between Korea and Lebanon (Lebanon had asked Korea to assist with creating a similar Olle Path in their country). However, the entire time, I just thought… What a difficult road to friendship.

The road starts off very rocky in every sense of the word. It was  narrow and much of the steps were created from stacked rocks.

It continues like this for a bit but from time to time you can see the town from above.  

There are apparently attractions along the way but maybe I was too tired because I didn’t see it when I passed it. Big grassy field was definitely listed as one though!  (And tea plantations!)

I even saw people! That’s usually considered rare on my books.  

Alas… I have reaches the peak of the cliff! Bottom is Daepyeong.  

Walk to the other side of the cliff and you see the waters from the town of Huasun.

However, the further you go down the more suspicious the path looks …. Like tall yellow grasses between the narrow path.  Like the scary fake Olle 10 trail I attempted … 

Middle marker! A good indicator I should go back and enjoy that coffee I initially came for.  Note: there are more coffee shops and restaurants here than in Huasun.

Back across the gorgeous rays from rhe sun.

… and the grassy fields.
So I didnt compete another Olle trail but it’s ok, I think I got to see the best part. Plus, I saw a video crew taping something!  The guy in front of thr camera wasn’t bad looking either! Perhaps I’ll be on television soon! lol

Ok.. so where’s that coffee shop?

March 16.

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