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Udo 우도: Someori Oreum (Udobong Peak) (쇠머리오름(우도봉)

After breakfast, we headed towards Udo! Udo is called Udo because it looks ike a cow.

Since it is an island we have to take a ferry.  Therefore, we parked our car at the terminal and took a ferry.  The ferry ride was probably not more than 15 minutes.  By the way … you have to bring a piece of ID to get on the ferry!

Oh.. there was a festival!

In Udo, there are many options to travel around the island – bus, scooter, electrical bikes, normal bikes, your own car or by walking (olle trail!)

We choose the bus option for 5000 per person.  I wasn’t too happy but the other options have time limit.

The first stop was the Udo lighthouse on top of the highest point in Udo – Someori Oreum.

Since we didnt have enough sleep, we stayed at a coffee shop near the bus station to recharge our caffeine.  It had a very nice view!

… Then we had to get our lazy butt up to climb the oreum.  There were a lot of stairs but still doable!  We had a cute neighborhood dog as companion 🙂

We havent reached the top but the view was quite nice 🙂

At the top were two lighthouse and a small museum that talks about maritime and coastal related items.  The dog was also there!

On the way up to the lighthouse is also a private rapeseed flower garden. However, it all costs 1000 won.  I wanted to go close to take a photo but got yelled at … So here’s a pic from above! Kekek

Udo is famous for their peanut ice cream, so we got one too.  You can find it anywhere in the island but there seems to be more here.

After, we left for our next stop on the bus ride.  There are about five stops and he bus comes every 30 minutes.

… Continuing next post 🙂

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