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Seongsan 성산 : Sunrise @ Ilchulbong Peak (일출봉)

We finally did what we came to do – see the sunrise at Ilchulbong Peak in Jeju!  I wanted to see it from the beach so we can see the sun rise up against the Ilchulbong but everyone said I should go to Ilchilbong and watch the sunrise go up against the clouds.


We went out at 6 in the morning.  We joined another group that we drank with yesterday. They came back at 2 AM and yet there they were up and hiking with us.


Admission is free before 7 AM, so we just bypass the admission booth and walked up towards the hiking path towards Ilchulbong.

While walking up, we can see the town of Seongsan from above!  The night view was quite nice.  I was looking for the stars but there weren’t any.


sunrise platform


It was a good 20 minutes before we were able to get to the top.  It was a tiring walk this early in the morning.  There were also minimal lighting as well.  From the sea, it is just 182 meters.




When we go to the platform, we just waited for the sun to rise.  The Ilchulbong is a crater so it is surrounded by spikes, except for where the platform is located, which is a nice grassy area.


The sun rose really fast!  I think it was about 3 minutes before the sun was up.


… and as fast as we walked up, we were walking down already!


We used a different path to walk down, which is a little further but we go to see a different view!


It’s like a postcard!  On a side note, I bought lots of postcards but some pictures were odd.


This is the side of Ilchulbong!  I wanted to get a picture like this, except with the whole Ilchulbang.


The east side of Jeju is just so pretty!!! We were back down and looking up to Ilchulbong 🙂


Last shot before leaving! This is Udo! My next destination.

Address: Seongsan Ilchulbong, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si


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