Attractions, Seongsan 성산

Seongsan 성산 : Sunset @ Ilchulbong Peak (일출봉)

We arrived here in the evening and we quickly checked into our guesthouse and dashed out to watch the sunset at Sunrise Peak.

People come here to see the sunrise but it has a nice sunset too!!

We didn’t go up because we would have to pay admission.  However, we were able to stay at the base and watch sunset from there.

Below is an olle trail and you can walk around the port and out towards a field of canola flowers.

The ilchubong is a crater formed 100,000 years ago in an eruption from the sea.  It stands high above the town of Seongsan.

There was also a full moon that day!

…dinner was at a Korean guesthouse where there were lots ofd drinking and story telling and more drinking.  They have first round (1 차) which consists of food.. then 2 차 and 3 차 … All alcohol in pubs or pub cafes (very popular in Jeju) or karaoke bars.


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