Attractions, Namwon 남원

Namwon 남원 : Keuneong Coastal Scenic Spot 큰엉해안경승지

Someone suggested that my friend come here.  It is a coastal area with cliffs thay resembles faces and things!

We even saw a lady wearing a hanbok for selfie shoot!

It is really just a place with a boardwalk and is part of Olle 5.  From above, it is said that it looks like a large moith ready to swallow the sea.

Hm…. I would not want to take a bus ride to come here to see this though. However, there is the Kumho Jeju Resort nearby and there is a Dunkin Donuts.  I wouldn’t mind coming here to do the Olle trail though 🙂

Oops… The whole thing is 2 km long …. I think I walked 500 meters…
Addy: Namwon 2-ri, Namwon-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do


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