Attractions, Beach 해변, Pyoseon 표선

Pyoseon 표선 : Haevich Beach (해비치해변) and C&I Cafe

The beach here is 150,000 m² big and is home to the White Sand Festival in August.  I think it is an awesome place to be during summer … But not today .. not during spring maybe.

The wind was so strong here that it picked up the sand and threw it against the shore and the park. 

Coming closer towards the beach, you eyes starts to twitch because sand went in.. and that’s rare considering how small my eyes are …

Eventually, I gave up and went to a coffee shop with the owner away from the store. It could have been a nice place to chill and watch the beach I think but again, not today.

Therefore, I went to another cafe closer to the bus stop called C & I and enjoyed a cup of green tea latte.

The interior decoration was really cozy and the music is just my style. I could have stayed there longer had not been for the sun setting and my long 1 hour bus back home.  

Transit: 701 from Seogwipo’s old bus terminal.  I don’t have the cafe address but it is on Pyoseongjunggang-ro close to the Paris Baguette.


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