Attractions, Cafe 카페, Namwon 남원

Namwon 남원 : Seoyeon’s Cafe (카페서연의집)

After running to various attractions after work, I decided to take it easy and just go to a coffee shop to relax.

When I typed in Seogwipo coffee, this place popped up!

This is Seoyeon’s cafe! It was made famous thanks to the movie, Architecture 101 건축학개론.  It was the house the female lead wanted the male lead to design and built for her in her old Jeju home.

Actually, the house that was was built for the movie and was destroyed by a typhoon so this is a rebuilt. Unfortunately, it was not the same as the one in the movie … But that doesn’t stop people fron coming here to drink coffee and take photos. 

This new version has two stories, and the second story is has a terrace outside. I think it was made to replicate the one in the movie.

The first floor isn’t bad either!

There are also many movie posters as well as merchandises that you can buy.  The coffee price was at least 5000 won with some desserts.

The place is at the fringe of Namwon but it has direct transportation from Seogwipo (bus 100 and 701).  

Address: 2975 Wimi-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

As a bonus, you can also walk around the coast and enjoy the relaxing sound of the waters hitting the rocks.

I even heard the Jeju dialect!  Next to the cafe are all residential area. 

By the way… Honest box!


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