Attractions, Jeju CIty 제주

Jeju City 제주시 : Mysterious Road 도깨비 도로& Jeju Art Museum 

Traveling up to Jeju from Seogwipo again.  Once more taking bus 781 up north.  However, I had to transfer again to bus 70 to arrive at…. The Mysterious Road.

I was talking to one of my travel mates and she said she never miss coming here whenever she is in Jeju.  Therefore, I thought I would come here too!  Then, I realize she always drove…

So what is this Mysterious Road? Apparently, things roll uphill … You can say it is the doing of goblins (도깨비), which is the other name for this road… But apparently the road is actually on a decline but it is just higher than its surroundings, making it an illusion that it you’re travelling upwards. 

Most cars drive  here and then put their car on neutral so it goes up on its own.  Those without a car can roll a water bottle up the hill.

Others like me just watch people do it :).  There happened to be a tour group and their tour guide (who looked 30% like So Ji Sub) performed the water bottom rolling performance).  I recorded a bus but the driver looks like he was just driving the car.

I think it is more fun to turn the car on neutral while at the bottom of the hill … But watch out for traffic!

In any case, it is just 100 meters long so there is a caffe bean, a Loveland, and a Jeju Art Museum if you happened to take a 1.5 hour bus to get here and doesn’t want to go home yet.

I ended up going to the Jeju Museum of Arts. 

It is 1000 won admission and there was a special exhibition on Haenyo 해녀. I learned quite a lot from the exhibition. Unfortunately, I can’t take any photos …

After, I was on my way back to Jeju where I got to shop! I’m so deprived of shopping and street lights .. 


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