Attractions, Namwon 남원

Namwon 남원 : Butterfly Ecological Park 최남단감귤체험&생태공원

My friend really wanted to pick the Hallabong, a fruit very much related to the orange with a belly or knot of sort at the top.  I was indifferent since picking fruits isn’t high on my list.


Anyways, I don’t know how my friend found this place but he did and we were here.

It is an ecological center with a small section for a tiny zoo as well as an insect area (the latter is under re-construction, so we can only see the insect samples).

Inside was also an animal farm and they have rabbits, the Jeju horse as well as black pigs!  

We got to feed the pigs with rotting oranges and orange peels but I got in trouble for feeding them multiple times.

The staff had to come by and shoo us along to the hallabong farm where we get to pick THREE hallabongs… For 10 000 won.

I didn’t know how to pick and I am sure had I asked the staff, she would tell me but … I wouldn’t know she was saying.

It seems this farm packages them and send it off fot selling because there was a packing line right in front of the entrance.
… And that was the hallabong picking experience.
Here is the address : 서귀포시 남원읍 남원리 2137-4 …it was a little in the middle of nowhere.

Anywho, there are many many placea that have hallabong picking too and with coupons 🙂

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