Daejeong 대정 : Songaksan Mountain (송악산)

Songaksan Mountain is part of Olle 10 trail .. I am surprised and slightly sad that I wasn’t able to walk here last time (since I decided to take the WRONG course … misadventure?


This time my friend drove, and we weaved around the same sad narrow road but with a car this time.  It was even scarier but we made it nonetheless!

IMG_20170310_172002561We walked just a little bit up the Songsaksan … not even making all the way to the top so you might get disappointed reading this LOL.  There is actually 99 small peaks and there are cliffs on the edge that just drops into the ocean.


Here, you can ride a pony … for a fee of course.


Actually, the course doesn’t look that great but the coastal view is nice … I wonder why I didn’t upload any … 😦


This was the furtherest we went … There were a lot of history here with the Japanese since they used Jeju as a base during the second world war. Even in our very short walk, we can see the caves and tiny storages on the side of the mountains.  I think there is a huge lookout point as well but I didn’t have time to make it up there.


Anywho, it was a long drive back and when we did get back we went to a restaurant serving the famous black pork of Jeju.  There are two types, one that comes in a plate, and one that comes in a skewer!


We even had the peanut makgeolli because, … it’s Korea and we had to drink?



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