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Seogwipo : Olle 8 – Yakcheonsa약천사 → Daepo → Jusangjeolli Cliffs → Seaes Hotel → Beritnae Oreum → Jungmun Saekdal Beach → Yerae Ecological Park → Nonjinmul → Daepyeong Port

In a odd twist of event, we got a day off!!!  Therefore, I went with a fellow travel-mate to reattempt the Olle 8!  I tried the Olle 8 before but I ended up at the exit of Olle 7 and that wasn’t very fun….


We got off at Wolpyeong Village Awaenangmok via Bus #5 from the Seogwipo’s Rotary corner.  There were so many old people on the bus … it was really surprising.

I actually found the entrance for once… so this is what it looks like (picture above)…


Before we start, we found a cute little cafe!  It is two stories with ceiling to floor windows.  It was so bright and welcoming.  The smoothies were actually cheaper than other places, around 5000 won.


We sat on the second floor, admiring the greenhouses.  I also swear Jeju people (or the people that move to Jeju) are one of the most creative Koreans I’ve seen!  I can save money on pots like this 😛


Continuing on, we found there were a lot of restaurants further down.  They are usually guesthouses with restaurants and often in the middle of nowhere (you’ll be walking on the trail and suddenly you see a sign for food!)

…. then we got lost.  The trail markers were gone and we weren’t sure if it is because there was construction going on next to the trail.  However, it turns out, they changed the color of the markers to orange and burgandy color!!!  I am not sure why, maybe because we were entering a temple …


This is Yakcheonsa약천사!  It was built in the grandest scale during the early Joseon Period.  It says it is the largest in the East and I am not sure if it means largest in Jeju or Eastern Korea…


2nd floor


Unlike most temple, this temple allows you to take photos but they kindly suggest that you donate money before entering.


The place also houses a 5m-tall statue of Vairocana, which is the largest in Korea.


The temple is 3-storey high as is their residential structure for the Buddhist monks.  There were a lot of tourists here, which I found surprising since it was not on my list of must-see.


We didn’t have a proper lunch so we made it up here at the temple souvenir store with a 3000 won ramen.  They also have cheap postcard sets (3000 won) and lots of cute small souvenirs for about 1000-5000 won.

There is also a bus 140 that comes to this temple (and this is their terminal station).

Continuing to walk,  we walked pass the Daepo Port and got to walk on a lot of rocks ….


… this was one of the hardest part of the trail because they are uneven lava rocks that if you fall … could be painful.


These cliffs are actually all part of the Jusangjeolli Cliffs.  It costs 2000 won to enter but they are columns of lava, created when it the volcano erupted and it had flowed into the waters.   I didn’t go into the attraction area but I am sure it is quite impressive.


We went past Jungmun and all the impressive hotels including Seaes Hotel (where they filmed Secret Garden).  I think this massive seashell is from there somewhere.


This is from the Seaes Hotel though.  They have private Jeju huts for suites.  They also have a very nice cafe and restaurant … and there was even a seat close to the coast.  I think, if this was a honeymoon, you SHOULD go all out and enjoy Jeju!


While walking on the coast, I noticed a bell like object but I have no idea what it is … I tried searching for it on the internet but I haven’t found anything.


When we got to Beritnae Oreum  and the Cheonjaesa Temple and we can either not go up all those flights of stairs and save 40 minutes, or we can go up to see the view from below!  Therefore, we weaved up and down even to the side of a cemetary to get to this view above.

The Olle likes to tests us and then reward us … like with a beach!! This is Jungmun Saekdal Beach!  I was here on my second day in Jeju by accident and here I am again!  We had another rest stop here.


There was a coffee shop that had the cutest bread!  I didn’t catch the name, we just followed the arrow that keeps say “Coffee and Bread”.


After our short break, the sun was about to set but we were not even close to the finish line!  The trail took us out of the beach and away from Jungmun resort towards the  Yerae Ecological Park, which was a grassy land with  aplayground, a stream, and a great place for people to take evening strolls.  We got to watch the sunset from here!



Leaving the park, we came towards the area of Nonjinmul, where they had a lot of nice mansion-like homes that people can rent on airBNB … You get a view like this!


The sun has set by this time and my cell phone camera just doesn’t have night vision.  Ah, there was even fishing nets that looked like this (at least I think this is fishing nets, what else could it be tho?)


We never made it to Daepyeong Port.  We did make it to Daepyeong’s the Cove, a super fancy resort place where they mistook us for clients and directed us to a fancy restroom because we desperately needed to go.


From there we just took the 100 bus straight back to Seogwipo 🙂  I think that was about 5 hours ….


When I got back, I met my friend! He and his friend was scheduled to come to Seogwipo in the evening, so we headed out for Sashimi.  His friend even treated us to Kimbap that he waited 3 hours for in Seongsan!  It was so delicious!




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