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Seogwipo 서귀포 : The karaoke bar incident

Returning to the guesthouse, we decided to head to a karaoke bar at night. We went to a karaoke bar near the art street in Seogwipo.  They have Korea, Japanese, English, as well as Chinese, Philipino, Thai and Vietnamese songs.

The place we choose it quite nice but we did have to order a drink and a food platter, so we got one Aass beer, one soju, and a fruit platter.


It was all ok until 40 minutes after when a guy walks in saying how our singing touched his heart.  He proceeded to walk in and closed the door. I think he wants us to sing together but we declined … Again and again, and then he left.

5 minutes later he comes back in with two other friends because now they want to ‘talk about it”. One guy laughed when I asked ‘about what?’ and tried to whisper something in my ears. I told him we don’t speak Korean and persisted to declined until the three guys left.

When we were at the cashier, we told them about the incident and she said the three guys said they were looking for their girlfriends ….

Apparently sometimes guys do that here… Walk into someone’s room and sing with the girls until they get drunk … and then drag them off somewhere like a dead fish.

We paid 45 000 won for this misadventure.

Granted, this can happen anywhere in the world and I am not sure how we can prevent it actually … like having a guy there when you sing Karaoke? Don’t go at all? I am not sure … just be careful in general 🙂

Misadventure of Day 7.

Addy of place it occurred: 3, Cheonje Yeon-ro208beon-Gil, Seogwipo


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