Jeju CIty 제주, Market

Jeju City 제주: 5-day market (제주민속오일시장)

Even though I had to work, I still manage to take that 1.5 hour bus ride to Jeju City because of the 5-day market!  There are many 5-day markets on the island and they open every 5 days.  For Jeju, it opens on days ending on 2 or 7 (2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th).  Jeju being Jeju, there is also has a traditional market that opens every day.


Jeju Market 


It is just a large scale traditional market that sells clothes, vegetables, cactus (?!) food and even pets.


The first thing me and my travel-mate did was to find a place to eat.  She doesn’t eat meat, which makes it super difficult in Korea.


We walked into a restaurant that at least has some seats and requested that we get something without meat.  Somehow the lady understood me and gave my friend a tofu stew and make-you-own Bibimbap!  I got a sundae (blood sausage) and Bibimbap.  When I mean make your own, the restaurant gives you a bowl and you put the rice in it and then there are separate containers where you can pick the amount of bean sprouts and different types of veges you want (it is like a vege buffet!).  I thought it was going to be expensive, but the whole thing was just 6000 won each!!!


Visitors can even buy pets here! I think the lady said it costs only 30 000 won, that’s$30 US dollars only!! It’s so cute! Those puppy eyes ….puppies!!!!


The traditional market has a lot of places that sells Jeju Chocolates and not a lot of places that sells souvenirs.  For those, you would have to get at an art street or artsy guesthouse.


more puppies pics 


Funny incident: there are stores all around that sells traditional crackers (yeotnal kwajang).  It is 2000 won for a kilogram but we completely misunderstood her and though it was 2000 won for the whole bag!  However, I was quite confused when others didn’t fill the whole bag up …. Nevertheless my travel-mate continued to stuff the bag with crackers until it was 20 000 won!!!!  In the end, she paid 15 000 won for 18 000 won worth of crackers and 5 000 won for candies …

Transportation wise, we took bus 781 and then just walked 20 minutes to the market.  My travel mate doesn’t have a T-Money card so she wasn’t able to transfer without having to pay again.


Before returning to Seogwipo, I had to take a rest and a drink.  I should have gotten the yoghurt instead … we took the same way back, walked to the station to take 781 back to Seoqwipo.

March 7 2017


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