Andeok 안덕, Attractions

Andeok-myeon 안덕면: Sanbangsan (산방산) & Yongmeori Coast 용머리

So the guys I went to the fire festival with suggested that I go to Sanbangsan, which are lava remnants from some violent volcanic activities from 700,000 to 800,000 years ago.

temple at the base on Sanbangsan

The place is a little bit far away so I have to transfer bus to 702 from Seogwipo.  However, 702 has two buses, one that goes up to the parking lot of Sanbangsan and one that goes to the Jeju Art Park.

I was turned away by the first driver because that went to the Jeju Art Park and a swear a passenger sneered at me … boo!!

The second time, I asked the bus driver … then I was on my way!

The bus dropped me off at the Sanbangsa Temple, which also houses the Sanbanggulsa Grotto.  I didn’t go in because I didn’t think I had enough time 😦  It would have been cool because there is a statue inside the cave.  It also costs 1000 won for admission.

Instead, I want to the gardens below! The area already has some Jeju Rapeseed flowers and people were taking selfie photos 😛


Sitting on the coast is also a replica of a European ship.  This is the Hamel Ship as commanded by Hendrick Hamel.  On the way to Japan, it was shipwrecked and the Korean royalty forbade his crew to leave.  He was the first foreigner to provide detail of Joseon Korea, having lived in Korea for 13 years before his escape to Japan.

It says that you shouldn’t go on there during windy days, and I suspect is because the wind can push you over the edge (of the railing).  Admission is free.

Yongmori Coast

Finally, I decided to pay my 2000 won and went into the Yongmeori Coast.


Years and years of wind and water erosion have caused odd shapes to form on these rocks.  They were quite impressive!

yongmeori Coast

There were also a lot of people selling seafood on the shores.  Eating fresh seafood and drinking alcohol on the shore must be quite an experience.


The coast was very windy that day, I was really scared that if I stood too close to the edge that I would be blown into the sea … It was so dangerous….


That’s me and my crazy hair flying everywhere.


In any case, I went from one entrance to the exit in 30 minutes or less.


For those that doesn’t like to hike, there is only one part that requires climbing, and that depends on which entrance you enter (because you could be going down it too).


The next stop … conquering Olle 10!

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