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Andeok-myeon 안덕면: Historical & Cultural Geotrail of Sanbangsan …?

Going to just one place after a bus transfer and 1.5 hours of transportation time isn’t my style, so I had to extend my stay by doing something … like, the Olle 10, which I heard was nearby 🙂


I just randomly followed a trail that had the blue and orange marker, thinking it was an Olle Trail but I still have no idea what it is … maybe it was the “geo trail” or maybe someone decided to rearrange the ribbons and through it would be funny … !  In the beginning, I walked around town … which completely skipped over the beach!   The streets were narrow and even so, there were still a lot of parked cars on the streets.


Eventually, there was a port … and then it led me through and out the village, which was still ok because it was interesting going through the backstreets and seeing people’s houses and farm.


… then came the weird route where I had to go around the Sanbangsan.  There was nothing there, it was quite creepy actually.

… Especially, when there was no one walking with you and there is only a narrow unpaved road with grass and a large towering mountain to your side.


I went around about 80% of the mountain and then the road leads downwards away from the mountain but into higher grasses and even more narrow roads going to the middle of nowhere.  There were no lights, no houses, just grass…

Luckily, I ended up on a road but then, there were arrows pointing you to the other side to go back into the tall grass and bushes.  Heck no, I’m done with this geo-trail.  If I go down by an injury or dehydration, I don’t think anyone can find me for days …


I decided to walk down the road, which was a bad choice because I ended up on a highway and walking on the emergency lane … I walked all the way to the nearest town of Hwasun and even attempted to go to Hwasun Sandy Beach before getting too tired and going to the bus stop for the long journey home.

It turns out that had I walked UP that road, I would have reached the Jeju Art Park and a bus station … anywho, I got back safely and that’s all that matters 🙂


For dinner, I went to Jenny’s Bread close to the guesthouse.  I had a spaghetti for 13000 won but the best part was the bread 🙂  As the name suggest, the main thing they serve is bread


That concludes the misadventures of March 6th.




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