Olle 올레

Seogwipo : Olle 7 Trail Part II – Getting lost and Beophwan Village

On the fifth day on the island, I planned to do Olle Trail 8 … except I ended up at the exit of Olle 7!!! (This happens a lot to me 😦  )


I finally realized that this is the marker I had to follow! If I follow this marker, and the arrow sign, I can go around Olle without problems 🙂



So I started the path of Olle 7 from the back.  I figured that out some 20 minutes into the walk, but I was too lazy to turn back and I figured that if I can finish, then I might be able to save 1150 won from the bus fare.

… then I realized that the first part of Olle 7 was the easy part … the latter part was downright odd.  There were paths through the forests.


… and you can peek through the forest into the coastal area … It was ok, but I didn’t like the fact that I was going through these roads on my own …

I also went through someone’s private property and really got to see some cows up close … Eventually, the path meets up with the waters and a highway (through there weren’t a lot of cars).


The neighbourhood dog was walking with me for a bit … but it keeps getting distracted with things 😦


It was here that I lost the marker and walked straight into a naval base.  On the bright side, there was a washroom.  On the not so bright side, I couldn’t find the road back and went back on the road where I saw a lot of protest signs against this base.  I wanted nothing more than to get out of there … which I finally did .. yeah, normal road!


… or was it… I was back into the forest through winding narrow trails …


I ended up at a nice rest stop but I lost the marker again.


When I did find it, the marker told me to go through dense trees and creeksides … it was a little bit scary, so I started running the trail.  The sun was also close to setting.


I was getting mad and frustrated.  The olle trail … is no joke.


It didn’t get any better because the path soon turned into stones and pebbles on the beach.


Path with red algae!

The sun was setting and everything was a blur until I arrived at Beophwan Village.  Beophwan is the southern most village in Korea and was once the home of the highest population of haenyo … female divers.

Beophwan has lots of cute cafes this was called tistory.


… then it was time to go back because I was too frustrated at the olle trail.  Totally needed some Anjous and beer..



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