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Seogwipo : Soesokkak Estuary (쇠소깍)

My first day off from work!! I wanted to go to Udo or Hallasan and I was doing some research about it but then I met two other guests who were going a fire festival on the island the same day.  Therefore, I abandoned my plan and went there instead, since I was told its just once a year.




However, that event takes place in the afternoon, so in the morning, I went to Soessokkak Estuary (since the guests I was going to go with was still asleep ….).

Soessokkak: Soe means an ox, ‘so’ means a ‘pool of water’ and ‘Kkak means ‘the end’.




It is on Olle trail 6 but I took the bus there instead (8 and 100 bus goes there too).


The walk from the bus station is about 30 minutes and in the beginning, it was dry but as I walked further down, there’s more water and the view became more and more impressive.


Apparently, when the water is high enough, visitors can go on a kayak or a Teu, which is a traditional wooden float used for transportation in the past.


Further down the estuary is a beach! The beach is a black sand beach and it feels nice a soft.


All along the side of the beach are many guesthouses, cafes, and many souvenir stores.


The area is known for their mandarin oranges and I saw some lots of people buying the hallabong from a farm nearby.





First visit to Soesokkak completed!

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