Jungmun 중문, Olle 올레

Seogwipo : Olle 7 Trail & the World Cup Stadium

When I heard someone talk about the Olle trail, I thought it was just one hiking trail nearby.  However, it turns out to be 21 trails (26 to be exact but those 5 are side routes) going around Jeju island.  I love hiking !


The weather was gorgeous, which was why I gave the Olle trail a try.  I think I was wandering off too much and I ended up … somewhere.  I wanted to find the Oedolgae Rock, which is the start of the trail 7, but I felt like I was going in circles.


In any case, I finally found it!  I followed the sign and some curvy roads and then saw lots of cars and buses on the streets  … must be it!


There is also a view of the Saeyeongyo Bridge.


The trail is along the coastal waters and it offers a nice relaxing view of the waters; albeit amazingly windy.


Here was the Oedolgae Rock!  It was made famous thanks to the Korean drama DaeJangGuem.   It was the scene where the main character and her master was being exiled.


… then came more lava rocks 🙂


Suddenly, the route gets cut off because the cliff was a little too dangerous and they were constructing new buildings on the site.  Therefore, the Olle route makes a huge detour back onto the highway.  On the way, I passed many guesthouses with mandarin oranges outside.

After a while, with the cars blasting by on my shoulders, I found the route going back down to the coast but it was getting dark already so I gave up and went to Jungmun instead (again).


What must have felt like forever, I finally got to the Jeju World Cup Stadium.  It was one of the stadiums that hosted the 2002 World Cup.  Currently, it is the home stadium of the Jeju FC.  I wanted to go watch one of their games but it costs a whopping 20 000 won.  My friend said the other teams sometimes costs as low 7000 won.

Then, I went to watch a movie.  That’s right … There is a movie at the basement of the stadium.  The walk to the cinema was a little scary since it was closer to the parking lot than from the front entrance of the stadium.  There was nothing except white walls  … one movie costs about 9000 won and I watched a movie called “CoffeeMate”, which was very silly….

Day 3 completed.

By the way: Lunch



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