Festival 제전

Saebyeol Oreum 새별오름 : Jeju Fire Festival (제주 들불축제)

In the evening of my first day off from work, I went to the Jeju Fire Festival (as the guests told me).  It was a three days event but the second day was when they burn the hill.


Saebyeol Oreum


The burning of the hill was to pray for good harvest and good health.


There were shuttle buses leaving for the Saebyeol Oreum from the City Hall near the World Cup Stadium.  We just needed to know how to get there.  We planned to take the bus and we got on the right one but going into the wrong direction.  Therefore, we just took a taxi.


We got there without problems but there were so many people already! There were also a lot of booths in the premise, most of them selling food (at expensive prices).


The most interesting booth was one selling yeot!! I think they all dress up like that.. it is like a tradition or something LOL.


There was even a mascot!


We wandered around a bit before really trying to find dinner.  However, dinner was hard to find because everyone else was trying to find food too!  In the end, we had a 3000 won oden, and one of them was even frozen still!  In totally, we paid about 10 000 won each for random snacks.


There were some awesome delicious seafood in the mountains too!


After eating, we settled in between the grass to wait for the hill to burn up.



There were some announcements, performances, a laser show and the fireworks!!!


Before the fireworks, the announcer invited everyone who bought a 5000 won fire stick to come up to assist with the burning.  We tried to get one but it was all sold out 😦  You can see people holding the sticks at the bottom of the hill … it looks like hills.


The fireworks were quite long too …


The grass caught on fire from the fireworks …


… However, that was meant to happen because they started to burn the whole hill!!!


Eventually, the entire hill gets burn!


I have never seen an intentional forest fire this close before!!! Only in Jeju LOL.  It was quite a spectacular nonetheless.


When I told other people of this, they were confused as to why I bothered going LOL.

More information here: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=697232

We took the shuttle back and then took a taxi back to Seogwipo.  We were quite hungry since we only had oden.  So we had fried chicken and instant noodles and some alcohol 😛

Work starts again the next day …

March 4, 2017


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