Beach 해변, Jungmun 중문

Jungmun Resort (중문) – Jungmun Saekdal Beach (색달 해변)

Behind the Teddy Bear museum is actually a set of stairs.  The stairs lead to a beautiful garden.  I think to myself … wow, this is Jeju!

I had KFC for lunch before heading out for my next adventure.  Interestingly, they all can speak some English! It is great 🙂


The entrance.


This is actually part of Olle trail 7 … it leads straight to Jungmun Beach.



There is even a place with a lot of nice flowers, but it is blocked off by a rope, but that doesn’t stop people from walking in and taking photos (when has it?)


Finally, I made it to the beach!  It was of course, quite windy 😦


There is also a mini detour where there is a path that takes you up the mountain.  That one was kinda painful .. but you can see a nice view!


The beach is surrounded by resorts but the beach is still opened to the public.  The water is probably cold but there were surfers brave enough to go in.  The sand was also quite cold …. so, keep your shoes on during winter and early spring .. keke.

Another picture from above!


The street was so large but there weren’t any cars.  But doesn’t it give you a feeling like you’re in California? LOL.


… then my phone ran out of batteries, so I went into the nearby Twosome and ordered an Affogato to recharge my batteries and my body.


At night time, when I returned, there was a sashimi!


That was the end of the day 🙂 WOOT


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