Jungmun 중문

Jungmun Resort : Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)

Day 2 in Jeju … there were fewer rooms to clean than yesterday, which means more time to play! Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and even though I really wanted to do one of the Olle Trail (21 hiking routes that go around the island), I didn’t.  Instead, I went to the Teddy Bear Museum!


The Teddy Bear Museum is located in Jungmun, which is west of downtown Seogwipo.  It is known as Jungmun Resort area and it is crowded with all types of museums, guesthouses and a beach.  Therefore, almost every bus heading west of Seogwipo will make a stop here.IMG_20170302_161739882

The journey was about 30 minutes … and you’re there!


Admission is 10,000 won unless you have a coupon 🙂


There are three teddy bear museums in Korea: Jeju, Gyeongju, and Seoul.  I do think this is more famous of the three, however. It is quite big with two levels and a large outdoor garden.

The first thing I saw aside from the giant Charlie Chaplin teddy were .. paintings on the wall!


The first hall I entered was quite cute.  It consists of teddy bear timeline and how teddy bears evolved over the years. Some of the teddy bears were from the early 20th century!  They were usually made in Germany or United States (which was where the first company that created them were from).  They aren’t in the best shapes, but … they all outlived their first owners!!  I believe they are in this condition because they are loved and not because of neglect.  IMG_20170302_150959243

They also had a timeline of real events that happened in the 20th century, with teddy bears as the main characters … like the emergence of the Ford in the early 20th century.


The ill-fated 1912 Titanic.  It’s an ICEBERG!!!


The Normandy landing during the Second World War in 1945.


The opening of Disneyland in 1954!


Man lands on the moon in 1969!


The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


The  discovery of the terra cotta in 1974.


.. and even the smart phone era in New York in the 21st century.


Aside from world events, there are also ‘important events’ that everyone cared about such as the marriage of Princess Diana!!!


….Then there is a masterpiece section, where Teddy bears becomes the main character in the paintings.


The famous Michelangelo painting is here too!


The fashion show that starts moving when they sense someone is there.


There were also the famous people but they were scattered everywhere .. like Elvis in the Elvis room, the Genghis Khan and Ghandi (famous leaders perhaps?), Michael Jackson Bruce Lee, and Marilyn Monroe were all found in the gift shop.

There are also some related to Korean culture (of course).  There was one for traditional Korean wedding, and the commoner’s life back in the Joseon Dynasty.  Finally, the popular drama “Goong” also had bears in their honors.

… I took so many photos I don’t know which section they are from.

There is also a large garden outside the museum and it houses a huge wooden teddy!!!


There is also a gift shop! I wish there were better teddy bear postcards, they were a little pixelated.  I did get a puzzle but the puzzle was tiny and difficult to piece together!


A teddy bear wedding with a gorgeous view … what a nice setting


There is also a special exhibition … it is in the bottom level.


The admission also includes a free Elvis show!  You have to go from the gift shop up to the third floor to see it.  It is 5 minutes long and the showing is about 15 minutes interval.


…. and that was my Teddy bear museum experience.

I almost uploaded 50 pictures before the phone crashed … I actually took more than that, lol…


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