Seogwipo 서귀포

This is Seogwipo! (… in randomness)

Last night, I took the plane and then the airport limousine bus 600 (because it has storage for the suitcase whereas the normal bus does not but it does costs a little more (5500 won vs 3300 won for regular bus).  So, here I am .. in Seogwipo, Jeju … totally unplanned and unexpected 🙂

Seogwipo is the city in southern Jeju!  Before coming to Jeju, I only thought there was just Jeju city and everything else was small towns and villages …

Part of Olle 7

In any case, I was scheduled to start work on March 1st, but I woke up early and got to walk around first.  I bought Jeju milk!!!! It was 800 won at the 7-11 nearby.  It tastes … ok, a little bit creamy.


Also nearby is the Geolmae Ecological Park, where there is a nice trail and a waterfall (that I have yet to see because it is blocked off).


… then came work, which consists of making the beds and cleaning the room.  Honestly,  I barely do that in my own house and here I am cleaning others …

Since it was my first day and we had a lot of rooms to clean, the boss treated us to a meal 🙂  The other helper is a vegetarian, which, in Korea, leaves us with very little choices 😦  Therefore, we had a potato dumpling soup … It was quite tasty, actually 🙂

The other helper showed me a coffee shop that he frequents often!  It has a nice setting with a cozy atmosphere.  It was just a little too close to the workplace LOL 🙂

After enjoying the green tea latte, I had to leave for Homeplus because I realized I didn’t pack a few items 😦

…. then I just wandered … I wandered to the seaside to search for the Jeongbang Waterfall, but I missed the entrance.


Nearby was also a public hot spring, I think!  It was too cold and windy to have anyone in it … nor were there any water inside but I am sure it would be filled with people during the summer time 🙂

I walked around the port nearby Saeyeon-gyo Bridge, which is almost ubiquitous in all promotional posters for Seogwipo.


I got a little bit lost because the streets in Seogwipo isn’t like a grid, but then again, I don’t think coastal cities do since their roads are probably dictated by the coast 🙂  In any case, for dinner, I just ate at a random place, which also made me realized just how expensive Jeju was going to be compared with Gyeongsan.


9500 Won – soup + ade


I also wandered into the Olle Market but I didn’t stay that long 😛


First impression of Seogwipo and Jeju  … It is a little colder and windier than I expected.  I am really glad I brought with me my trusted autumn jacket with hat :).  The prices are a bit cheaper and there aren’t a lot of tourists as I thought it would be … It seems like any other city, expect it has a nice seaside.

March 1st, 2017


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