90 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Daegu Int’l Airport

OK, this is definitely my last day in Daegu! I moved my stuff to my friend’s friends place and shipped some random items back home to my mom whom I am sure will not be happy.


walking down the farmland



I got the cheapest ticket out of Daegu to Jeju City via Jeju Air but it leaves in the evening at 730 PM.  Therefore, I had a lot of time to do random things … like enjoy a cup of coffee and working on my blog :).


Today was actually the university’s first day back from a very long two months holiday.  That means there are many new students!!! The n00bs have their little name tags and they walk in a straight line … it’s very cute.  They also look very fresh.  Some students even have parents come with them to help move the suitcases (I think they must be from rural side …)

After coffee came lunch!  I had lunch with my ohakdang friends one last time.  It is at the 3900 won bibimbap or tonkatsu place near the school.


… then came the difficult part, going to the airport.  My plan was to take the bus straight to the airport.  Simple right? not when you have 25 kg worth of stuff and all the drivers in Daegu (or most of Korea for that matter) drives like a maniac.  So … I took a taxi, which cost around 17000 and only slightly less expensive than my flight to Jeju (18900 won one way).


Since I took a taxi, I also had a lot of time to waste because I came here much earlier than planned 😦


I waited for a bit and finally got to check in!  There seriously isn’t much to do in Daegu airport but it is very very close to the city.


waiting to check in 

Here in the boarding pass and my window seat 🙂



… I am going to Jeju!!!!!!!  migainjeju.wordpress.com

February 28th, 2017.


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