89 일째 – Daegu 대구 – Ayang Railway Bridge 아양철교

Last day in Daegu!  Flying out on day 90!  I really wanted to go to to the railway bridge in Daegu but I’ve been putting it off so I made that my priority today.

Ok, priority one was food and I went to eat food with my roommate (second and last time LOL).  It is chicken with cheese … so delicious!


Second priority was packing …


Finally, at night, I was able to leave for Ayang.  I went to buy a new backpack at Dongseongro even though my old backpack was perfectly fine 🙂  At the underground shopping there, you can get all types of bags for just 10 000 won 🙂

With new bag in hand, I went to take the red metro line to Ayang Station.  After getting off, it was just a short 10 minutes walk to the bridge.


Originally, the bridge connected Dong-gu Sinam-dong and Dongchon-dong by train but since the train line shut down, it was left just sitting in the middle of Geumho River.


However, revitalization was made and it now houses 2 cafe shops, a museum, meditation center, as well as an observatory.  I couldn’t find a washroom though …


I wanted to find food first so I went across the bridge where there were many restaurants all lined up.


I went to this one, which is translated into DongHae restaurant.  It sells many shared plates like sashimi and meat but being alone, I can only get individual items … like noodles. (I do miss Daegu prices…. ).


There are wooden boards that cover the bridge but part of it is covered in glass so you can see the railway (and the waters!) below.


I had a coffee and enjoyed the view.  The place opens from 10 AM to midnight 🙂


Last Attraction in Daegu! Completed!

Address of Ayang-gyo Station : 1584 Sinam-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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