87 일째 – Suncheon 순천 – Suncheon Bay & National Garden (순천만국가정원)

O.k. so this is supposed to be my Jeju blog … but I ran out of room for my previous blog so it is spilling over here 😦

Suncheon Bay

My friend recommended that I go to Suncheon .. and if Google map says it will take me 3 hours to get there, it would probably take me more.  There aren’t a lot of buses going from DongDaegu to Suncheon and if you miss the bus, it is about a 3 hours wait …

I was able to make the 11:30 AM (because the earliest bus was 7:30 AM) and I couldn’t wake up in time.  The bus ticket was 20 000 WON and took almost 3 hours to get from Daegu to Sincheon.  I bought that ticket an hour before the bus was scheduled to leave and there were only three seats left!  I sat in the back with 3 other people and was very uncomfortable….

Anyways, I got to Suncheon where my friend was already there waiting for me (for 1.5 hours…) Our first stop was the Suncheonman Bay National Garden and there are many buses that goes there including bus 101.

National Garden

The Suncheon Garden (순천만국가정원) costs 8000 won each person and there are flowers of different kinds.


There is a cute art area near the entrance, towards the garden.


The most famous place here is the Suncheon Lake Garden.  The design represents the geography of Suncheon.


I think it is much better in spring or summer, or even the fall but the winter is a little bit bear.


From above, the Suncheon Bay Garden!


There is also a Holland section … but like most other gardens, there isn’t much happening because it is winter 😦  Postcard worthy picture though! LOL.


The garden was interesting but it wasn’t that special.  The best part was Suncheon Bay!  If we walk, it would be about 30 minutes but it is quite fast with their monorail.  The monorail actually costs another 8000 won for return (6000 for one way) … however, you have to return by 530 PM!


We took the monorail because we don’t have time 😦  The ride was quite fun tho!


Getting off the monorail, we started walking along the river towards the bay.


… and we have finally arrived!!! This is the Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve!  The reserve is composed of the largest colony of reeds in all of Korea!


There is a bridge that takes visitors into the reeds and out into another path that allows you to go up to an observatory to see all the area below.  I didn’t have time to go to the observatory so I just walked back through the reed and out the exit to find dinner.



The restaurant we found was called 순천만정문식당.  Apparently,  you just order the clam and you get side dishes!  You only find this here in Suncheon and another place in Korea.  The side dishes includes mini crabs, pajeon and.. everything you see here.


… after eating, it was a long bus ride back to Daegu….

February 25, 2017.


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